I just read your story. it brough tears to my eyes. youre a very brave person for getting out and helping without even thinking. Thats really nobel. Not many people would be able to do that. Im proud of you Gina.


Thank you.. I really appreciate this. <3 You’re very sweet.

I had a really tough week. Hear me out.. Read this.

So, I’ll never use this to complain. I don’t believe in bitching about problems, I bellieve in fixing them. But this week I had to deal with a few things that pushed my limits. And one of them I want to tell you about. 

On Saturday night my boyfriend Kyle and I went to a bonfire at a beach in San Diego for my co worker’s birthday. We got there late, arounf 10 and stayed till about 1:45 am. I’m the friend that is your “Mom away from home”. I’m always making sure everyone has their rides, and everyone is okay to drive. Has all their things. That kind of thing, so naturally I left last, I stayed an extra couple of minutes and cleaned up the rest of the trash and cans everyone left, and grabbed my blankets and Kyle and I left. We’re on the way home, talking about funny things that were said that night, and who my boyfriend thought was pretty that I work with. The normal stuff, and all of a sudden traffic on the 8 East freeway comes to a stop. All the cars in front of us merge to the left, and we notice a tire in the road. Obviously a car accident. So we continue merging and keep going. 

There were people laying in the road.

We hear screaming. 

We see no police \ fire department\ ambulance around. 

My boyfriend’s first words are “We need to get out.”

We pulled over after passing the entire accident, rip our jackets off and run to the first person each of us sees. I ran to the driver of the vehicle that was in the accident. Now, let me explain the situation before I go any further. The first thing we see upon getting out of the car were 2 men laying on the side of the freeway. Massive hemorrhaging, not breathing. no movement. Obviously had died. THE CAR, looked like a crushed soda can. There was one other CONSCIOUS civilian besides Kyle and myself, and he was on the ground crying. The two men who were side by side dead, were a father and a brother. They were ejected from the vehicle and had died on impact. The driver was my age.. 22.. and was the daughter and sister of the men we saw first. I ran to her in the vehicle, and she was hysterical. I asked her to begin going through her basic body movements. “Can you move your toes? good. can you move your ankles? good..” and worked our way up. She was still buckled in. 

At this point my boyfriend and I had been on the scene 15 minutes and still no police, or anything. No other people on the freeway got out to help either. Just Kyle and I. The two cars traveling behind us created a barrier in the freeway and blocked off traffic during this whole ordeal. While i was calming the driver down, Kyle calls me to the back of the car, and is frantic. I came to the back to see the drivers younger sister completely under the vehicle. We had to lift the car to free her small body, and try and help her regain her consciousness. I ran to my car, grabbed the blanket that we had from the bonfire and brought them back to the scene. I started wrapping the girls up in it. I found Kyle on the passenger side of the car, attempting to break a window. There was another girl in the car who couldn’t get out. We had to lift her out of the car and wrap her up as well. 

24 minutes into the ordeal, police arrive. 

3 people are dead. 

One is trapped in the vehicle, (The driver) and one.. I couldn’t even believe she was still alive (The girl under the vehicle. 

We had to stay all night and file police reports and record statements and were being interviewed by medical examiners and.. it was the most stressful ordeal of my life. Not to mention how they must have felt. 

Im really upset because the police took so long to get there. 

I’m really upset because every person in the vehicle that was in the accident, was drunk beyond belief. 

I’m upset because we as civilians, with little to no training for these types of situations did absolutely all that we could do.. But i’m sad we couldnt do more. 

I’m upset that we were the only people to get out of the car that night., on a very busy freeway in a very busy area. 

I’m sad that 3 people dies. one is going to jail for the rest of her life, and one is in critical condition..

Has anyone else ever dealt with something like this? how did you feel after? What helped? For the last 3 days I’ve been devastated. :(